Why Work in Ecommerce in year 2020-21?

Over the last 10 years the economic changes brought the new way of doing business. Ecommerce sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy play a major role in the retail business and economy of the U.S. They outperform brick and mortar stores and steal their customers. Statistically, they already own the greatest number of global customer base, and the number of online shoppers is expected to double in the next 5 years. And here is a problem for employees of physical stores – even commerce stores’ owners have to reduce the number of available brick and mortar retail locations and, as a result, retail job positions. So, these employees have only one way out – opt for ecommerce jobs.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proves that the number of workers employed in the electronic shopping and mail order industry is rapidly growing. View the image below: the employment in e-commerce increased by nearly 64% from 2007 to 2020. The Bureau forecasts that the ecommerce employment will continue to rise, reaching almost 450,000 jobs by the year 2026.

However, e commerce jobs are still a small component of the overall employment. If ecommerce now has over 400,000 jobs, the retail industry has already gained up to 700,000 while warehouse clubs – up to 900,000 in the United States. Being a rapidly growing sphere, online stores don’t require such a great number of employees as traditional stores. They can sell more products and provide more services with fewer workers. Even though working in ecommerce company is more profitable since they pay higher wages to their employees. So, their job positions are in higher demand because they have the biggest impact on retail sales and make more money.

What are the salaries in ecommerce?

Production and nonsupervisory workers including fulfillment centers earn INR 1200 per hour on average, while compared to INR 1000 in traditional retail. According to statistics, wage and salary payments to e-workers have increased by almost $18 billion since 2007. So you can compare the numbers with wage and salary payments to employers in traditional retail – their payments have risen by $1 billion over the same period.
But money is not the only deciding point to choose e-commerce jobs. Here are 5 more reasons to start your ecommerce path.

  • Ecommerce has a long-term global growth outlook. Online shopping is highly popular not only in the U.S., but also wins more fans and customers in China, India, Russia, Brazil and other countries. It’s the fastest growing sphere with over $1 trillion of the total market, and is expected to grow at 17% from year to year. So the industry promises constant increase in salaries and job positions.
  • Ecommerce gives all fundamental skills of business. Working in the industry, you’re exposed to work with products marketing, accounting management, supply chains, customer acquisition, up and cross selling, customer services and others. Any other jobs allow you to try only one or two tasks.
  • Ecommerce helps to hone your “soft skills”. When you work in an online store, you should value the brand and customer experience. To do so, you need to understand your customers behavior and how they view the brand. It’s a number one skill when you can say exactly what your customer will do. It’s an art of digital marketing.
  • Ecommerce gives access to real-time results data. The industry main principle is constant – 24/7 – connection with customers.You get reports about your work and customer reviews every day and hour. It allows you to test lots of tactics and improve your work and learning curve exponentially.
  • Ecommerce might help grow your own business. If one day you realize that you’re done with this job, your ecommerce skills can help you in creating your own company. You will know how to promote your brand, raise money, connect with customers and partners and many more.

If you are looking for a stable work, ecommerce careers are the best choice whenever you are a graduated specialist or a 20+ years experienced worker. Keep following the article to reach top 10 ecommerce job titles.